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FastPlay is an online and app based booking platform that allows you to easily manage your pick-up games. It promotes your games, takes payments and reduces dropouts automatically.

Why FastPlay ?

FastPlay will manage your pick-up game just like you would, but automatically. It will save you time and help you find new players - if you want them. It can take electronic payments and keep your games fuller with a human-like "refund if replaced" policy. Best of all - FastPlay is free!

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FastPlay Features

FastPlay was designed by a guy who was tired of the hassle of running pick-up games. We understand what makes pick-up games great and we've designed FastPlay to work for you.

Automated Organization

Take bookings and check who's playing instantly.

Easy to Use, Beautiful Design

Designed specifically for pick-up games.

New Players

Find new players when you want them, or keep your game private.

Free To Use

It is totally free to set up and manage your game through FastPlay

Fewer Dropouts

Dramatically reduce drop-outs with our unique ‘refund if replaced’ feature.

Electronic Payments

Receive and manage payments quickly, safely and hassle-free.

Your pick-up game, simplified

FastPlay enables you to easily set up pick-up games, manage players and reduce dropouts. Once you've set up your game, you can make it recurring, so it will recreate itself each week. Then you can have invites sent to your regular players who will receive emails or push notifications through the mobile app. With one click of a button, they're signed up - they can even pay this way too.

You can take cash payments outside of the app, or accept electronic payments directly. We've built in an intuitive human-like "refund if replaced" system to reduce dropouts. Or you can select no-refunds or full-refunds, whatever works best for you.


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Less Work, More Play

Almost everyone who runs a pick-up game inherited it. They thought it would be easy to run, and soon found out it was more work than they had expected.

Emails and texts, Whatsapp and Facebook groups - these were not built to manage pick-up games. They're hard to organise and should be reserved for group banter. With FastPlay, you can see at a glance who's playing, who's not, all without scrolling through a million messages.