FastPlay will help you to organise your pick-up games quickly and easily. Invite your friends, take payments and manage dropouts with just a few clicks.

Designed specifically for pick-up games

Website Integration

If you have a website, we've got your back. We can seamlessly integrate your schedule into your website. Your players will be able to view your timetable, see real-time availability, and sign up there and then.


Bookings and Waitlists

If your game fills up, FastPlay will create a waitlist. Your players can join this and if someone drops out, we'll alert them immediately. They have a time window to accept, if they don't we'll then open the space up to the next player on the waitlist. Our logic is always there to make sure you get the fullest games.


Electronic Payments

You can take cash, or electronic payments. If you take electronic payments upon booking your dropout rate will reduce significantly. Electronic payments do involve a small fee paid to the payment provider, but you often end up better off financially because of the reduced number of dropouts.


Refund if Replaced

We offer a "refund if replaced" policy which is more human-like and fair for everyone. This incentivises players to drop out sooner rather than the last minute so they can be replaced. We also offer a no refund and a full refund policy because it's your game, so you make the rules!


Key Benefits

FastPlay has lots of features designed to make pick-up games easier to manage. We've designed everything to be easy for organisers and just as easy for players.

Fewer Dropouts

Take payments electronically and utilize our ‘Refund if Replaced’ feature, dramatically reducing dropouts.

Professional Booking

Integrate FastPlay into your website, allowing your players to view and access your games, and book directly.

Fuller Games

Keep your games full by advertising them within the FastPlay app. Then use electronic payments to reduce dropouts.

Time Saving

FastPlay simplifies and speeds up your admin, automating weekly processes and tasks with just a few simple clicks.