Booking and Waitlists

Our booking and waitlist system is set up with common sense at its core. Designed by people who were used to operating manual systems, we have made sure that at all times it acts in a “human” way.

Public or Private

You can keep your pick-up games private, or open to the public. Whether you want to invite your friends, or find new ones, FastPlay is there for you.

Individual or Recurring

Create one-off or regular weekly pick-up games. You can set these to run for a set period of time, or indefinitely.

Invite your Players

Send invites to all of your regular players two weeks before each event via email or push notification.

Keeping Booking Simple

FastPlay displays all of your events and the information you need clearly. The default view shows the next two weeks with date, time, availability and cost. Customers can then sign up with a few simple clicks.

Once your game is full, we will manage a waiting list for you. Your players will be able to join, and if a space opens up, we will immediately notify them via an email or push notification.

To keep things fair, we will notify the first person on the waitlist first. if they decline, or 2 hours pass we will then invite the second person on the waitlist - and so on. If the game start time is within 24 hours, we reduce this 2 hour window to maximize the chance of finding a replacement and keeping your game full.

How and Where to Book

Your players can book their space either through your website (via a FastPlay integration), or on the FastPlay website or app.

FastPlay can seamlessly integrate into your website through a timetable plugin. This will show two weeks worth of games and allow your players to sign up and join without leaving your website. Once they click on an event, a popup will appear asking them to sign up or sign in. Then they can book their space, edit their information, or request to dropout if necessary. We then deal with everything automatically. This means you can be confident that we'll take care of your admin, so you can carry on playing without the hassle.

Players can also book through the FastPlay website or mobile apps by searching for your game. This is free advertisement for you, plain and simple. if they use our mobile apps you will be able to send invites via push notifications and users can sign up in one simple click.

Customized to Your Needs

FastPlay was built by a pick-up organizer, for pick-up organizers. We know what you need, so we've built FastPlay right. You can choose whether your game is public or private, invite only or open to all, as well as set the minimum and maximum attendance numbers. You can choose whether you prefer online or offline payments, and if applicable, set your refund policy.