Electronic Payments

Taking payments electronically can make running a pick-up game much simpler. It will also reduce dropout rates and help keep your games full.

Secure Payments

We have partnered with both Stripe and GoCardless to offer you secure payment options.

Refund if Replaced

Automation is efficient, but our refund if replaced option keeps you human.

Cash Payments

Electronic payments not for you? If you want to take cash payments that’s fine with us.

Secure Payments

We have partnered with GoCardless and Stripe, both of whom offer secure third party payments.

GoCardless is our European payment provider and works on a direct debit basis - and is a little cheaper to use. When using GoCardless you will be charged a 1% fee, with a minimum payment of 20p and a maximum payment of £2.

Stripe is our worldwide payment provider. It works on a transactional basis and you will receive payments on a 7 day rolling basis. When using Stripe you will be charged a 3% +20p/20c fee, with a minimum payment of 50c/40p and a maximum payment of $5/£4.

How refunds work

This will be up to you. You can offer a full refund, no refunds or our ‘refund if replaced’ option. We like to think this is really simple, and really ‘human’. What this means is that if someone drops out, they will be refunded if someone else takes their place.

Our thinking behind this is a no harm, no foul type principle. We know that sometimes things happen and plans need to change at the last minute. So if your game remains full, we see no reason why that person should still have to pay. However if they hold onto that spot until the last minute, and then drop out, we see no reason why you as the instructor should have to pay.

This structure incentivizes your participants to drop out as soon as they think they can’t make it. This will free up that space earlier so someone else can fill it. This will leave you, your participant dropping out, and your new class participant all happier.

Payments in Cash

We’re a start-up, so we know that when every penny counts. So if you’d prefer to take cash payments and avoid all fees, we are totally fine with this too. We believe that the reduction in dropouts through using electronic payments will save you more than the fees cost you, however this is absolutely your call. And remember - every other feature of FastPlay is completely free to use, all the time.