Refund if Replaced

We understand that you want to make pick-up games more efficient, but keep them personal. We've created a unique "refund if replaced" system that maximizes your class attendance whilst keeping your players happy.

Fair for Players

Sometimes players need to cancel. If they do so in good time, there is a high chance of finding a replacement which will lead to a full refund.

Fair for you

Last minute dropouts are hard to replace. You can opt to only refund players who are replaced, ensuring you aren't left out of pocket.

Striking the Balance

Our method helps aling you and you players' interests. You'll see fewer dropouts whilst maintaining a fair policy for your customers.

A Flexible Refund Policy To Suit You

We know that everyone has their own thoughts about what makes for a fair return policy so we've designed the FastPlay system to be flexible enough for everyone. You can choose whether you do or don't offer refunds, and if you do decide to offer them, on what terms.

If you do choose to offer refunds, you can facilitate this through FastPlay. You can also opt to use our "refund if replaced" toll that will allow you to refund customers automatically if they cancel - but only if their place is taken by another player.

This incentivises players to cancel as soon as they know they can't make it, rather than leaving it until the last minute, maximizing the chance of you having a fuller, better pick-up game.

‘Refund if Replaced’

Our "refund if replaced" system is unique to FastPlay. You can opt to only offer refunds if your players are replaced. This system was developed after a lot of market research and interviews with lots of frustrated pick-up game organisers.

We found out that instructors didn't want to discourage some sign-ups by not offering refunds but at the same time, wanted to avoid losing money or having poor quality games with last minute dropouts.

Our system allows you to refund players who drop out, but only if they are replaced. This means players are incentivized to drop out as soon as they think they can't make it, increasing the likelihood of both a replacement and a refund.

Keeping your Pick-up Games Full

We want your players to love you. And we also want you to be treated fairly. The act is that most dropouts happen at the last minute. Whilst players often know they are unlikely to make it much earlier, they have no real incentive to communicate this bad news early.

Our optional "refund if replaced" feature really imitates the "no harm, no foul" rule. It offers a more human approach to dealing with people, and helps to align everyone towards the goal of keeping the game full. It gives your booked players a safety net, and your waitlist players a better chance of getting a spot when they can still make it. Finally it ensures that you are never left chasing a last minute replacement and that you are never left out of pocket.