How It Works

FastPlay will help you to organise your pick-up game. You can advertise your game, take bookings and payments, manage dropouts and invite your friends to play with just a few clicks.

Get Started With FastPlay

Get Started with FastPlay

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    Set up your game

    Create your game with just a few clicks. Add your time, location and a brief description and you're done!

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    Invite People

    Invite your friends on FastPlay or via email invitation. Once they're signed up they can get regular invites to all games.

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    Manage Dropouts

    Nobody likes turning up to find you're a player short. Take payments and offer a refund if replaced policy to ensure you get full games.

Simplicity and Value

FastPlay is the perfect way to manage a pick-up game. Set up and manage your game completely free of charge, with only minimal fees if you choose to use electronic payments.

Watch Overview

Access FastPlay from your desktop or on the go via or mobile app. It has been designed to be intuitive and simple to use. Whatever you need to do is only a few clicks away.

Save Money and Time

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    Take Electronic Payments, Minimise Dropouts

    By taking payment upfront, you’ll automatically minimise dropouts. If they need to dropout, they’ll get an automatic refund if they’re replaced.

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    Advertise your pick-up games

    Make your games public on FastPlay and have new players find you through the app's search functionality.

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    Manage Your Bookings and Waitlist

    Take bookings online and once full, we’ll create a waitlist for you. If anyone drops out, we’ll invite those on the waitlist in the order that they signed up. However if the event is within 24 hours, we invite the entire waitlist to maximum attendance.


Find the answers to all of your questions about organising pick-up games and events on FastPlay.

FastPlay is a free all in one solution to manage your pick-up games. Once you set up a pick-up game, you can make it recur, advertise it, invite your friends and manage bookings, waitlists and payments.

For now, FastPlay will be limited to physical pick-up games such as basketball, football and ultimate etc.

Your time is important, and the less of it you spend doing admin, the better. We manage all of this for you automatically, taking care of your bookings, and managing your waitlist within seconds. We’ll keep your pick-up games full and your admin pile empty.

FastPlay is free to use for both the pick-up game organiser and player. The only costs are the transaction fees associated with electronic payments which are entirely optional, with many people preferring to take cash payment. If you do prefer to take electronic payments to reduce dropout rates and overall admin, this rate is a flat 5%.

Yes – FastPlay has been designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing website so your friends can book directly with you. For a tutorial on how to do this please click here.

Refund if replaced, is one option the pick-up game organiser can choose. They can also choose “no refunds” and “100% refunds”.

If ‘refund if replaced’ is chosen, when a client signs up and drops out, they will be refunded only if their place is taken by someone else. This is to incentivise players to not wait until the last minute to drop out when they are difficult to replace. Once replaced they will receive a refund less the transaction fee of 5%.