FastPlay is free to use with no strings attached. The only time you’ll pay anything is if you choose to opt for electronic payments - and even then, it’s with industry-leading low fees.

FastPlay is Free to Use

FastPlay is completely free to use - with no strings attached. Organisers can set up games as well as make use of the myriad of other features we offer such as waitlist management and advertising your games to the public.

You can even integrate our software into your website for a seamlessly professional look. Your players will be able to view your upcoming games and book their spot with a few simple clicks.

And the best part? It's all free!

We're proud to be the only free pick-up game management platform with such a wealth of features.

Electronic Payments with Low Fees

Take payments through FastPlay to save you time and reduce dropouts. This is the only part of FastPlay that will cost you anything. We don't actually charge anything for this, but the payment providers do. Depending on your location and chosen payment provider the fee will vary. If you can use GoCardless your fee will only be 1%, whereas if you use Stripe it will be a little more and vary depending on the payment card type.

Why Choose Electronic Payments?

There are a few reasons to take electronic payments. Firstly it will save you the time and hassle of asking everyone for their money after the game - nobody likes this! Then it will help you to minimize dropouts by taking payment upfront. And, because you will reduce dropouts, you will end up with more players and more money without lifting a finger.